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A Young New England Writer

Work Ongoing Here… Welcome to the Clocktower Books website(s) for a young Connecticut author named A. T. Nager. He is a New England author and poet. The large collection of his poetry (Post Cards to My Soul) dates primarily from his teenage years, with some young adult (up to age 23). He completed his poetic, melancholy, and magical love story and far future SF adventure (Star Mate: Cosmopolise, City of the Universe) at age 19 while living in an undergraduate dormitory at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

To sample his teenage poetry, please go the Teenage Poet website. Several other domain names resolve to it (more info soon).

For his novel, please go the Teenage Novel website. Several other domain names resolve to it (more info soon).

No Car, Must Thumb. He has a car now, but he spent years hitch-hiking in all sorts of New England and Connecticut weather. If you've lived here, you know. He's actually hitched all over the United States coast to coast, north to south. In the midst of all that, he managed to earn a B.A. in English, work as a summer interne newspaper reporter, become a published poet by age 19, win a state-wide essay contest and other awards, write over 400 poems now published by Clocktower Books, and complete a spectacular literary-poetic SF novel in a mosaic of traditions beloved by him, both in SF as well as Classical and Modern literatures.

since he had no car and spent years hitch-hiking, rain or shine, this image has special significance to A. T. Nager

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